Kitty Jones Photography Collaboration – Part 1

Myself and Cat over at Kitty Jones Photography have been meaning to catch up for most of 2018 but weather & life kept getting in the way. Who’d have thought the weather in January and February could not be relied on eh?!

So when we both found ourselves with a cheeky midweek afternoon free, we both jumped at the chance

So I packed as many dresses and accessories as I could into the car. Scoured the decor for some prompts and set off. I made the journey down from our town in the valleys down to the Vale to shoot in the beautifully picturesque historical town of Llantwit.

We both had so many ideas and so much inspiration we wanted to put to use but we chose to focus on 3 looks across 3.5 locations. Over the coming weeks I will share all of these with you but for now I am going to focus on just one for now.

A normal person would do these is order of shooting I suppose, but I’ve never let that bother me before…

Lets begin with our third and final location which was an abandoned World War II air hangar located in Llandow near Cowbridge.

RAF Llandow is a former RAF station that was opened in 1940 and closed in 1957. Many aircraft were stored on the Llandow base during the war.

The Leah dress by Hell Bunny was always going to be the best choice for a location as poignant as this. Leah is reminiscent of a 40’s tea dress and wouldn’t have been out of place heading to a dance after hard day’s work or watching for the boys on their way home.

Despite below freezing temperatures and gale force winds, I had a blast with Cat. She creates such a relaxed environment that encouraged me to be myself. And, in amongst all my goofing around, my toddler dances to keep warm and the many flashes she got of my knickers, she managed to capture these gems.

There will be many more gorgeous images shared on instagram no doubt.

John Gillespie Magee Jr wrote his famous poem ‘High Flight’ whilst training at the airfield.

The hangar is a sight to behold and it’s large, red steel door has begun to rust which I personally think adds to the vintage charm of the building.

It’s difficult to understand the magnitude of the history and siginifance to the defence of the realm when you consider the current state of disrepair. It’s easy to disregard this area as an eyesore or just another old industrial estate. This also is on the site of Wales’ worst air disaster in 1950, at the time also the world’s biggest loss of life in an air crash. I can’t even begin to imagine.

So as light as the atmosphere was we were careful to ensure we were respectful of our surroundings.

That’s all from me for now. See you lovelies soon.

Much love & vintage wishes,

Kirsty xx

Check out my insta feed for a review of my experience.


Check out her fabulous work over at @kittyjonesphotography

Outfit details:

Dress – Leah Hell Bunny

Brogues – Lilley & Skinner

Cardi – Primark


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