Kitty Jones Photography Collaboration – Part 1

Myself and Cat over at Kitty Jones Photography have been meaning to catch up for most of 2018 but weather & life kept getting in the way. Who’d have thought the weather in January and February could not be relied on eh?!

So when we both found ourselves with a cheeky midweek afternoon free, we both jumped at the chance

So I packed as many dresses and accessories as I could into the car. Scoured the decor for some prompts and set off. I made the journey down from our town in the valleys down to the Vale to shoot in the beautifully picturesque historical town of Llantwit.

We both had so many ideas and so much inspiration we wanted to put to use but we chose to focus on 3 looks across 3.5 locations. Over the coming weeks I will share all of these with you but for now I am going to focus on just one for now.

A normal person would do these is order of shooting I suppose, but I’ve never let that bother me before…

Lets begin with our third and final location which was an abandoned World War II air hangar located in Llandow near Cowbridge.

RAF Llandow is a former RAF station that was opened in 1940 and closed in 1957. Many aircraft were stored on the Llandow base during the war.

The Leah dress by Hell Bunny was always going to be the best choice for a location as poignant as this. Leah is reminiscent of a 40’s tea dress and wouldn’t have been out of place heading to a dance after hard day’s work or watching for the boys on their way home.

Despite below freezing temperatures and gale force winds, I had a blast with Cat. She creates such a relaxed environment that encouraged me to be myself. And, in amongst all my goofing around, my toddler dances to keep warm and the many flashes she got of my knickers, she managed to capture these gems.

There will be many more gorgeous images shared on instagram no doubt.

John Gillespie Magee Jr wrote his famous poem ‘High Flight’ whilst training at the airfield.

The hangar is a sight to behold and it’s large, red steel door has begun to rust which I personally think adds to the vintage charm of the building.

It’s difficult to understand the magnitude of the history and siginifance to the defence of the realm when you consider the current state of disrepair. It’s easy to disregard this area as an eyesore or just another old industrial estate. This also is on the site of Wales’ worst air disaster in 1950, at the time also the world’s biggest loss of life in an air crash. I can’t even begin to imagine.

So as light as the atmosphere was we were careful to ensure we were respectful of our surroundings.

That’s all from me for now. See you lovelies soon.

Much love & vintage wishes,

Kirsty xx

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Check out her fabulous work over at @kittyjonesphotography

Outfit details:

Dress – Leah Hell Bunny

Brogues – Lilley & Skinner

Cardi – Primark

New hair cut!

Hello my lovelies,

Long time no see!

January was a difficult month health wise and everything had kinda come to a halt. As any Spoonie will know, you just do as much as you can to get through the day and not an awful lot more.

To try and feel something other than sorry for myself, I decided I would finally take the plunge and get myself a vintage hair cut. By doing so, I had no choice but to style my hair and if your hair is fab, why would you do it the disservice of dressing badly?!

So this is where we started…

As you can see, mid-length hair, coloured treated, naturally wavy hair with a few layers. The layers were always necessary to thin out the length to allow my natural curls to form but for whatever reason the front of my crown has thinned out terribly. I could hardly ever achieve any volume here, especially with the weight of this length.

I’ve gradually reduced the amount of layers in my hair over the last year to make it easier to style but it was getting too long to roll neatly and wasn’t drying. My wet sets were becoming very hit & miss and dampness and frizz were common place.

No amount of product of brushing could help!

So after much research online and watching several YouTube videos about the cut and styling, I booked in with my wonderful hairdresser and mother-in-law (Hi Heather!) and went for it.

We decided to dip our toes in by choosing a modified middy cut. The true middy takes some real dedication and unwanted to be able to build up to it.

Now I have to admit, I haven’t seen it au natural since as it has given me the drive to set it every night but from how it feels, I imagine I would look something like this…

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Jon Bon Jovi circa 1996! My fellow vintage guys, am I right?! I’m too scared to find out. Does it really matter where motivation comes from, surely it just that you have it?

Here’s a little montage of my efforts so far, all the ups and downs;

As you can see it’s still very early days and I’m very much a “one trick pony” with a swoop and curls, but I’m getting there. Day 3 seems to be when my hair does more of what I want rather than what it wants, and frizz is under control.

I’ve had a few odd moments though;

1. Remind me not to stop mid- tonging as Lord Farquaad was a step too damn far

2. Coming to realise that my style has begun to resemble more of that of Mrs Doubtfire and Dame Edna than all these vintage blogger beauties, but I ain’t even mad.

Onwards and upwards eh?!

Much love & vintage wishes,

Kirsty xx

Lindy Bop – Aria

The next dress is the one my husband bought for me for Christmas. He fell for the dress having seen in a Vintage Repro store in our town – A Splash of Vintage.

Now, I’ve never considered myself a huge Alice in Wonderland fan but the more I think about it, I do relate to her. Alice just keeps eating and drinking everything she sees in the hope that it will magically solve all her problems. A girl after my own heart!

However, I chose to trust his instincts as he was so keen on it and boy, was he right!

My main reservation was what the images would be like. I am not a huge fan of literal prints but this dress is beautifully illustrated. There is a sublet layering of the vintage style images which really appeal to my inner crafter/scrapbookers.

There is a great mixture of bright and muted colours in the images to pick out in accessories and I will have a great time experimenting.

I played it safe today with a basic white cardi but it’s because I wanted the dress to be the main feature.

The dress came with a baby pink belt which I don’t feel really enhances the dress, but is a good width and structure and will work well with other pieces I own. Here I have paired it with an red suede plaited belt which picks up on the red in the toad stools.

The dress is shorter than I would have chosen myself. I’ve learned to come to terms with and almost love the body I’m in, but i still really do not like my knees. I may look to extend it with a little lace or esnure I wear it with tights or leggings. But that’s my hang up, not a criticism of the dress. One thing I will say is that’s the shorter length meant it got a bit carried away in the high winds on this beautiful day.

There are a lot of people who feel cheated that Disney gave them unrealistic ideals about happy endings but I gotta admit I’m more miffed that I don’t have a band of woodland creatures at my beck and call. Like, I could really use some Chipmunks here to act as Skirt Assistants here.

But, if you think this is funny, just wait til you see the bloopers at the end of the month!

Lindy Bop was the website that I bought my first repro dress from back in 2014. This bother feels like a moment and forever ago.

As Lindy Bop has the biggest presence in my wardrobe, I think I will do a brand review to go into my impressions in more detail.

On this occasion, hubby chose to size up in the absence of my size and I was very glad he did as I find this one runs a little small. With virtually no stretch it may be something to be mindful of if you too have the crazy boobs!

Lindy Bop have also just released an amazing assortment of pin badges, two of which compliment this dress perfectly.

Dress details:

Aria Alice in Wonderland – Lindy Bop, Size 24 purchased from Splash of Vintage Cardiff

Pins https//

Dress Https://

Much love & vintage wishes,

Kirsty xx

Lady V London – Hepburn

So, something happened last Sunday… The sun shone in South Wales! So what better time to get the first amature photoshoot under my belt.

I bagged this dress in the Black Friday Sale. At first, I wasn’t sure of the colour and pattern when I unpacked it but my hesitance was unnecessary.

Putting it on and highlighting the accent colours in accessories really brought this dress to life for me. This is just one combination of many that will suit.

In an ideal world, I probably could have done with the 20/22 but that size had already been snapped up.

However, with a belt to cinch in the waist you really wouldn’t notice too much. If anything, the extra room makes it spoonie friendly for those not so great days. It can mean the difference between me keeping my desired aesthetic or slumming it in an old jumper and jeans. Being able to slip it on and off over my head without having to fuss with the zip, as you can imagine, this is a welcome feature.

For me at 5’4, it’s the perfect length. Somewhere between knee and mid calf.

What I really love about this dress is that it is so generous in the skirt. It’s light enough to really swish but has the weight to show it’s of good quality. It’s also less likely to end up round my ears when the wind blows. The Hepburn’s beautiful full skirt will be gorgeous with or without a petticoat.

The neckline is higher and quite modest compared to the majority of my dresses but this makes it more appropriate for day to day wear (The ‘girls’ do love the limelight, which isn’t always appropriate).

It could easily be dressed down with boots and a cardi as it could paired with a nice head piece and heels.

This dress comes in an enormous range of colours and patterns each season with a lovely mixture of classical and literal prints. Head on over to to check out their final reductions.

But this particular combo, the Hepburn dress is every bit as timeless and elegant as her namesake.

The icing on the cake is that little to no ironing is needed which is always a win in my book. As a wise women once said;

Having played about a bit with the images, this filter is really giving me the 40’s garden party feels. I just need me a nice squiffy tipple in a teacup like they serve in Cahoots. (Man, do I need to get back there!)

Dress details: Hepburn – Roses & Pomegranate Buds (22/24)

Lady Vintage London

Much love & vintage wishes,


And so it begins…

I have never felt truly at home shopping on the high street although it did not stop me from trying and trying (And trying some more) I feel that I have found my place in the world in Vintage Repro/ Modern-Retro community and look forward to developing this passion.

Even in the short time i have been dabbling in this I feel like I have found somewhere I fit. I have more confidence now, in my 30’s than I ever did in my 20’s.

I have always had a love of Vintage style and the natural elegance and grace that seemed to come with it. I think it’s because it is such a grand departure from my scattered, eclectic and clumsy nature.

If I had to pinpoint where my passion ignited, it would probably be through the films if my childhood such as Mary Poppins and Bedknobs & Broomsticks.

Especially the latter, which in the Portobello Road Scene, gave me my first true colour combo love – Red & White.

No doubt you will see quite a bit of this throughout my posts (#sorrynotsorry) but I will do my best to restrain myself.

Now, as a plus sized gal, finding original 40’s & 50’s pieces has been virtually impossible. So, not one to be defeated, I have delved into the world of reproduction vintage/ modern retro (insert your term of choice here)

With more and more brands expanding their size ranges and designs to be size inclusive, it has never been a better time to get into this and really experiment. I will be thrifty for the most parts, looking to combine high street basics and fabulous repro skirts and dresses and will splurge should the occasion/ obsession arise.
I have been building a collection of dresses and skirts for about two years now but have treated them as one off pieces that I have dressed modernly. A cardi here, a pair of flip flops there, even a denim jacket and plimsolls should the event arise. In these early stages I can’t see me ever being completely authentic, top to toe as I still want this to be fun and creative. The last thing I want is for this to become a chore.

I was a very lucky girl this Christmas and saw my stash increase dramatically, so now is as good a time as any to start. I will be gradually showcasing my recent purchases/gifts and reviewing the pieces and brands. Focusing on a few factors that are important to me, such as:


°True to size


°Shipping & Returns

I am happy to take any suggestions for review criteria, so let me know what you’d like to see. Also, if you know of any brands that you would like to see reviewed, I am up to trying most things.

So this blog will become my digital scrapbook, documenting my journey as a baby pin up in the hopes of blossoming into a Vintage Vixen… Here’s hoping anyway!

Much love & vintage wishes,

Kirsty x