Kitty Jones Photography Collaboration – Final installment

It’s that time again folks! I was hoping to release these photos when spring had arrived but low and behold, more snow is on the horizon. It’s almost become a tradition, haha!

So back we go, to that wonderful day at the start of March when I spent the day with Cat from Kitty Jones photography.

We were located in the ‘Old End’ of Llantwit Major town. This side of the town is filled with beautiful buildings which are hundreds of years old. We began near the dovecote set in an open field in the beautiful Welsh countryside with views for miles over to the local beach.

The conclusion of the shoot celebrated one of my Black Friday Sale deals from Lindy Bop – Corinna.

For the shoot, I have paired it with a true vintage cardigan that I purchased as the vintage kilo sale in Cardiff. Goodness knows what era it is, but it does exactly what I wanted; a cream cardi that would not show the pattern of the dress beneath. Not a massive ask, but I’ve spent 2 years searching the high street! Urgh!

Now, red and white polka dot is my all time favourite colour/pattern combination. It’s just makes my heart sing. The added cuteness of the Corinna dress is that instead of dots, you have little white hearts. Sweet!

I wouldn’t normally choose a dress that buttons up over the bust but this dress has an shirred elasticated back that not only gives you comfort and wearablity, but it is generous across the bust so there is no pulling or gaping. It also makes it easy to take on and off, great for days where my dexterity isn’t it’s best and buttons are a no go.

The dress has a generous shoulder strap so it gives us larger busted gals plenty of coverage over unsightly bra straps and is trimmed with a lovely white ric-rac ribbon. This trim is replicated on the pockets situated on the front of the skirt.

Pockets in a skirt or dress make me really happy, is it just me?

The dress is made of a light cotton with a lovely full skirt. It may not come out at this time of year again but already cannot wait to pair it with sunnies, sandals and a hat through the summer.

I can definitely see me buying another Corinna dress from Lindy Bop. I’m always happy with the quality of the dresses, their fit and shape. And this is no different!

Dress – Corinna, Lindy Bop

Cardi – True Vintage

Shoes – Lilley & Skinner

Much love & vintage wishes,

Kirsty xx

Kitty Jones Photography Collaboration – Part 2

The last 3 weeks have been strange. I don’t know if anyone else had this feeling when the snow hit at the end of Feb. Most of our county was in lock down for days and it hung around for weeks.

This is our street 2 days in and it took the best part of a week to dig all the street out. Our backgarden is at a lower level that the street and filled up like a ball pit. At its worst, it was nearly 5ft deep!

We only had a few little mounds left this week but it has now started again.

In my 20’s I used to see my excitement for snow as a sign that I was still young at heart. I knew that when I could only see the negatives, I would finally be a grown up. Well, ladies and gentlemen, in my 31st year I can say that it has come…

I just want to get back to having a calm and easy life, dressing how I want to dress and feeling how I want to feel.

Until that can happen, let’s relive a day where I felt amazing and looked pretty ok too.

Here’s some of the images for my wonderful shoot with Cat from Kitty Jones Photography.

Not only does she have an amazing eye for a location but she has written a little blurb about the location too.

“Our second location was located in the ‘Old End’ of the town and is locally referred to as the ‘Goldfish Pond’ owing to the large fish within. A false herring has stood in the pond to scare away the fish’s predators for years and many of the surrounding houses are named things along the line of ‘Herring House’. The large stone pond is covered by a stunning weeping willow which looks just as striking in Winter as I’m sure it does in summer.”

I’ve decided I need this lighting with me where ever I go. I even look like I’m researching and plotting a way to make it happen here, haha!

I love the look of this dress in this location. The beautiful Audrey Rose Bush dress by Lindy Bop really stood out in the rustic setting. I adored the contrast between its subtle sheen, gorgeous colour palette and the texture of the bricks and tree bark.

I have a feeling this dress will become a firm favourite as it is comfortable and easy to wear. It can easily be dressed up of down for a variety of different occasions and will prove versitile depending on accessories from Autumn to Spring.

See you soon lovelies.

Much love & vintage wishes,

Kirsty xx

Lindy Bop – Aria

The next dress is the one my husband bought for me for Christmas. He fell for the dress having seen in a Vintage Repro store in our town – A Splash of Vintage.

Now, I’ve never considered myself a huge Alice in Wonderland fan but the more I think about it, I do relate to her. Alice just keeps eating and drinking everything she sees in the hope that it will magically solve all her problems. A girl after my own heart!

However, I chose to trust his instincts as he was so keen on it and boy, was he right!

My main reservation was what the images would be like. I am not a huge fan of literal prints but this dress is beautifully illustrated. There is a sublet layering of the vintage style images which really appeal to my inner crafter/scrapbookers.

There is a great mixture of bright and muted colours in the images to pick out in accessories and I will have a great time experimenting.

I played it safe today with a basic white cardi but it’s because I wanted the dress to be the main feature.

The dress came with a baby pink belt which I don’t feel really enhances the dress, but is a good width and structure and will work well with other pieces I own. Here I have paired it with an red suede plaited belt which picks up on the red in the toad stools.

The dress is shorter than I would have chosen myself. I’ve learned to come to terms with and almost love the body I’m in, but i still really do not like my knees. I may look to extend it with a little lace or esnure I wear it with tights or leggings. But that’s my hang up, not a criticism of the dress. One thing I will say is that’s the shorter length meant it got a bit carried away in the high winds on this beautiful day.

There are a lot of people who feel cheated that Disney gave them unrealistic ideals about happy endings but I gotta admit I’m more miffed that I don’t have a band of woodland creatures at my beck and call. Like, I could really use some Chipmunks here to act as Skirt Assistants here.

But, if you think this is funny, just wait til you see the bloopers at the end of the month!

Lindy Bop was the website that I bought my first repro dress from back in 2014. This bother feels like a moment and forever ago.

As Lindy Bop has the biggest presence in my wardrobe, I think I will do a brand review to go into my impressions in more detail.

On this occasion, hubby chose to size up in the absence of my size and I was very glad he did as I find this one runs a little small. With virtually no stretch it may be something to be mindful of if you too have the crazy boobs!

Lindy Bop have also just released an amazing assortment of pin badges, two of which compliment this dress perfectly.

Dress details:

Aria Alice in Wonderland – Lindy Bop, Size 24 purchased from Splash of Vintage Cardiff

Pins https//

Dress Https://

Much love & vintage wishes,

Kirsty xx