Lesson learned

Hello lovelies,

Here is the final installment from my latest shoot with Cat at Kitty Jones Photography

As soon as I saw this Dolores dress was in Collectif’s big Summer Sale, I couldn’t resist buying her. If you’ve ever read my blog or seen my Instagram, you’ll know my feelings about Collectif’s swing dresses and the Dolores is no exception.

Another reason, I was so keen to snap up this dress as it reminded me of the dress that Marilyn Monroe wore alongside Arthur Miller in series of photos by Sam Shaw in 1957.

The images always came across as so pure and innocent, far from the persona that was projected around Hollywood.

Cat was more than happy to help make take this little idea I had and make it a reality. So here is our take…

The light was just right towards the end of the shoot. Perfect for the ethereal glow seen here.

This next shot was so difficult to replicate.

I can imagine, Marilyn just playing around in between shots and Shaw capturing this effortless and flawless image. She is poetry in motion and this image has now become so iconic.

A combination of being a bigger girl, not having a lot of stamina due to chronic fatigue and being clumsy, this shot was hard earned.

Now I know I’m no Marilyn, but I gave it a go. Regardless, we had great fun at this shoot and I learned that even though my body can do amazing things, it doesn’t move and photograph like a smaller person’s body.

But all that means is that I have to work hard to find what works for me. That I have to interpret and adapt things that inspire me to work for me personally. And most importantly to be me and no one else.

Much love & vintage wishes,

Kirsty xx